From Greg Kremer on 15-Dec-2006

I flew my Pulsar XP, N137GK, into KCMA for the first time Nov '06 to pick up my daughter. (Before departing, I called the FBO and was greeted by a friendly voice that gave me lots of time as I asked various questions.) I found a spot on their busy ramp and a fuel truck came by. The driver directed me to the FBO then carefully took care of the airplane. I discovered my daughter was at the wrong location on the airport. The agent inside was the same guy I talked to the previous day.... As he heard me talking with my daughter, he walked up and offered to take the phone. Then he said "Come on let's go get her." He drove me to where she was then back to the FBO, where they do have a great pilot supply store! I fly a big corporate jet for a living into every FBO out there, but never have I found such a welcome & helpful spirit as I did that day at Western Cardinal. Outstanding people. Will go back when flying into CMA personally or professionally and give them all the business I can.